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Board Info

bankcda's team of Directors, Executive Officers and Staff bring diverse and valuable experience to ensure the success of the bank.  The team is dedicated to providing quality and professional service for its customers.

Board of Directors

  • Wes R. Veach, President & CEO, bankcda
  • Craig S. Tedmon, Jr., Chairman of Coeur d'Alene Bancorp, Inc.; Retired Executive, General Electric Company and Asea Brown Boveri
  • Brad Corkill, Owner, Whiteman Lumber Company
  • Joe Haley, Principal & Manager, Vining-Sparks IBG, L.P.
  • Suzanne Metzger, CPA, CVA, RR Chatters & Company PLLC
  • C. Richard Nordstrom, Owner and Operator, C. Richard Nordstrom Logging Co.
  • Bob Schmand, Realtor, Coldwell Banker
  • John C. Shovic, PhD, Chief Technical Officer, MiloCreek