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To bankcda, it’s truly personal, especially since we’re on a first name basis with our customers.



In addition to money, we’re all about lending an ear to help identify the ideal product for you.


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We’re here to support local businesses. When they succeed, our community succeeds.


Living here means you’re always out and about. And we’re happy to come along.

Use these links to download the TouchBanking smartphone app: app code: Gomobile1116 and your online banking info is all you need!

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bankcda branches closed.


All 3 bankcda branches will be closed Monday February 15th in observance of Presidents Day.  Transactions will not post Monday and the banks will not be staffed. Transactions will post and business resumes as usual Tuesday February 16th.

Community Starts Here

bankcda recently donated $20,000 to the Boys & Girls Club of Kootenai County capital campaign raising funds for the new Coeur d’Alene Clubhouse being built this year.

We are glad to be part of the community this Boys & Girls Club serves and we are all looking forward to the new building and new opportunities for kids in the Cd’A area. To learn more about how Boys & Girls Club is building great futures in our community visit

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Follow bankcda on Facebook for news and updates about community events, local non-profits, bank products and services, and relevant personal and business finance trends and information. We are a community bank and that includes our online community, please join us at

Be careful with unknown email senders!

We are seeing a dramatic upswing in malware that is associated with seasonal promotions or holiday timing. Please do NOT click or accept items that you did not solicit.  Even with malware protection, systems are getting infected.

Here are some (there are others!) of the email subjects that the malware purveyors are using to lure you:

  • You have unclaimed IRS funds – click here for more info
  • Here is your Southwest Itinerary – click here for more info
  • Here is your Bosses Southwest Itinerary – click here for more info
  • You have a refund from Macy’s  – click here for more info
  • We have you package at Fedex  – click here for more info
  • Here is your Holiday message card  – click here for more info